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Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Stick 360° Object Tracking Holder


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1. Support for tripod mounting
2. Object tracking
3. Face tracking
4. Smart shooting
5.AI composition
6. Horizontal and vertical switching
7.vlog shooting assistant artifact
8. Operational recommendations

Instructions for use:
1.Make sure the 360° Object Tracking Holder is ON, the red light flashing, and the Holder is waiting for Bluetooth connection.
2.Make sure the Bluetooth on your device is ON
3.Launch the Holder Apai Genie companion app and within 6 seconds, the Holder will automatically connect to your device.

Product Name: 360° object tracking holder
App support : Apai Genie
Net weight: 185g
Size: 93 x 93 x 165.4mm (L x W x H)
Support for phone: 56-100mm
Power supply 1.5v No. 5 alkaline dry battery*3
Support system iOS 10.0 and later, Andriod 8.1 and later
Duration time:50hours 

Package Content:
1 x Tracking Holder

Additional information

Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 94 × 94 × 180 in



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